All wrapped up – hooded towels for kids

Hooded OwlsIf after bathtime you realise that you are still trying to dry your toddler-sized Little One with one of their baby hooded towels then it might be time for an upgrade.  I still think that towels with a hood are still the best as they allow for the Superman/Superwoman method of drying, which involves running around the house with your towel flying behind you before collapsing into a towelling heap.  Lucky Little A received one of these fab large hooded towels from his fairy Godmother and we just love it.  Made by a Granny and Mummy team who saw the gap in the market, Hooded Owls have something for everyone.

For starters they are big and so can easily accommodate toddlers up to 8yr olds.  They are super soft and luxuriously thick and they each have a handy little pop fastener to keep the towel from sliding off so they are great for poolside chill time too.  Little A likes his because it’s blue, super snuggly and has a dinosaur trim and I am eyeing up a strawberry trimmed version for Little B.  For kids aged 7-13 they also offer a ‘Jumbo’ version and all towels can be personalised too.

On the subject of bathtime and much like the upgrade needed in towels I have also just invested in some less babyish bath toys.  These ducks and fishing rods by Djeco are a great find as they crucially don’t have a hole in the base so no black gunk can build up and they have different numbers on the underside so you can play games too.  Unlike some of their duckling brethren these ones also stay upright and are easy to hook by their tails.  A winner at bathtime although if you have more than 2 in your brood you might have to take turns with the rods!

All in the detail:

Towels by Hooded Owls
Standard size, £25 (approx 1-8 yrs size)
Jumbo size, £33 (approx 7-13 yrs size)
Free shipping on orders of more than 3 towels

Bath duck fishing toy by Djeco, £22 at JoJo Maman Bebe but you can find cheaper elsewhere online.

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