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It was my littlest Godson’s Christening a couple of weekends ago and I really wanted to track down a gift that he could enjoy in later life as much as in his childhood.  I was intent on sourcing a Globe to provide a snapshot of world history the year he was born, but finding one that was substantial enough and not decked out in garish colours proved rather tricksome.  Some time spent on good old Google and finally I found what I was looking for.  Artisan globemakers, Lander & May, came to my rescue and had exactly the globe I had in mind.  Their modern day globe is 13 inches and has a polished stainless steel meridian arm and sits charmingly on a spun wooden base finished in a dark F&B blue.  They are even able to personalise their globes with names, dates or routes which adds a seriously personal touch and makes your gift extra special.

All their globes are handmade using traditional and time honoured techniques and I was delighted with it when it arrived.  Great company to know about for not just Christening presents but great for landmark birthday gifts and anniversaries too.
All in the detail:
Globes by Lander & May
13inch Modern Day Globe, £295
Price includes delivery to mainland UK
All globes handmade in UK using British components
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