A baby bag that makes you organised!

I am the first to admit that whilst I like to carry a chic babybag I am loathe for anyone to see the less than organised chaos that realms inside.  However the lovely ladies at Pacapod have sorted me out.  They sent me the Mirano baby bag to test out on my holiday to Portugal and I have to say it certainly makes the perfect travel partner.  The ideology behind the Pacapod brand is that there is a place for everything and that there are better things to be doing than constantly searching for what you are looking for. Each bag comes with 3 components – a section for mummy’s things, a changing pod and a feeding pod.  Packing hand luggage for the plane is usually a chore but I felt a certain nerdy pride as I made sure everything was tucked into its little sections and it definitely made it easier looking for the passports away from a mess of wipes, nappies, spare clothing and snacks.  Each pod also has dinky little stitched labels indicating which section is for what so you don’t forget a thing.  A must for a mummy who likes an element of organisation in her life.

We also love the sophisticated (non baby bag look) of the Firenze leather changing bag – see below.

Little A was also not forgotten and was very excited to be taking his own hand luggage onboard in the form of his changer toy pod.  His blue zebra bag was perfect to load up with the toy paraphernalia for the flight and it even has a safety rein so you can keep them close – perfect for busy airports.  Note to self though…going through immigration was perhaps not the best time to try the safety reins out!  Whilst Little A was not such a fan of being tethered, his friend Little B had a go and loved it so maybe one day I will have another go at taming my tiger.

All in the detail:

Bags by Pacapod.

Mirano in white, £95
Firenze leather changing bag, £265
Changer toy pod, mini rucksack, £24.95

To view collection click here 


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