Pedal Power – Go-Karts for kids

Apologies for the radio silence but big things have been happening. I have been busy turning my town mice into country ones as we have made the big move out of London this summer.  Moving to the countryside has its downsides and its positives, and a big plus in our eyes was being able to have all sorts of fun outdoor games and toys without the worry of storage.

Whilst doing up our new house, I wanted to get the kids something that would get them outdoors, keep them busy, last for years and something they could play on with their friends.  I knew I didn’t want anything that had a motor as I wanted the kids to be safe playing on their own and I didn’t fancy the faff of batteries running out and refuelling. Hello Berg go-karts. Unlike the go-kart of my youth which was held together with string, Berg go-karts are an entirely different beast.  Slick, streamline and lots of fun. They are pedal karts that come in lots of different styles/colours and you can buy extra seats for friends, hitch a trailer to them or just race your sibling like mine do.  Different sizes for different ages – Little B rides Berg Buddy aimed for kids 3-8 whilst Little A bombs around on the Berg X-Cross BFR which is far bigger and adult/Daddy friendly too.

The summer holidays may be long but I can certainly vouch that these will last for longer, so if you are looking for a childhood toy which is going to go the distance then take a look at these.
All in the detail:
Go-karts by Berg
Available at many UK online outlets
Berg Buzzy – their smallest go-kart starts at £89
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