What we will be reading this month…

For Princess

PURE by Andrew Miller.  Set in eighteenth century Paris, the protagonist Jean-Baptiste Baratte is tasked by the King of France with the mission to demolish the city’s oldest cemetery.  It proves to be a huge undertaking and one that has repercussions not only for those that surround it but for Barette himself.

Sceptre Books, £8.99

For Little A

A BIT LOST by Chris Haughton.  The adventures of Little Owl who falls out of his nest, will he find his mummy again with the help of his forest friends?

Walker Books, £6.99

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The Big Freeze

frozen vegWho would have thought I would spend a minute of my life writing about frozen vegetables but here goes.  Little A’s transition to big boy food is a somewhat tricky procedure involving lots of amateur dramatics alongside a spoonful of bribery.  The biggest frustration is when you spend time making something that he dismisses in a second.  Bored of chopping, peeling and generally sweeping the floor of many a vegetable I have had success with this little pack of delights from Waitrose.  Frozen veg (apart from the beloved petit pois) is not something I have normally considered but given the variety in this pack and the brilliance of being able to cook small portions of it, it is now a staple in our freezer.   The organic element appeases my anti-convenience food streak and it means that Little A gets some of his five a day…should the mood take him.

All in the detail:

Available at most Waitrose stores or online waitrose.com


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One little duck went swimming one day…

For Little  A’s first birthday this little duck landed at our door and has since nestled itself contentedly on the bookshelf.  You can get hold of one at The Duck Company where each duck is made from bamboo root and handcrafted in the Far East so no two ducks are quite the same. Each duck can arrive with its own personalised name tag and there is also the option to add an inscription painted down their back. Perfect to celebrate a landmark birthday or simply to collect your own flock.



All in the detail:

Smallest ducks start at £10.95
Get your ducky at theduckcompany.co.uk



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Plane sailing

For Little A’s first birthday we got some wonderful books but I struggled to find a shelf that would complement his nursery and be fun at the same time.  That was until I spied this beauty from GLTC.  We store books on one side and shoes on the other and Little A likes being lifted up to move the propeller.  Stylish yet practical, perfect for a little boy’s bedroom.


All in the detail:

Available from Great Little Trading Co

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Princess ♥ toddler proofing the house

STAIR GATES – Lindam Extending White Metal Safety Gate (62 to 102 cm),  by far the best stairgate we have ever used.  One downside is that it is wall mounted rather than pressure but on the plus side it is extremely sturdy and you can open with one hand. £17

PLUG SOCKET COVERS – I use the Clippasafe UK Socket covers as they are the only ones I can use without ruining your nail polish.  Simply put the end of the plug into the groove to remove them. £1.99





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