How to win the Thumb War – finger guards for kids

So every so often a true unsung hero of a product comes along that deserves its time in the spotlight.  It may not be flashy, it may not be expensive but if it does what it says on the tin then it is definitely a purchase worth making.  Say hello to the Thumbsie.

Rewinding a little to when Little B was a teeny baby.  I was beyond thrilled when, rather than rely on a dummy like her bro, she sought out her two fingers and self soothed in an instant.  She slept through the night quicker and car rides were a dream.  In fact I felt like we were winning at life even if the sound of her sucking her fingers was akin to Maggie from the Simpsons.  Roll on a few years and in her fourth year it wasn’t quite so sweet.  Whereas I became the ‘finger police’ at home, at school I heard she was doing it more and more.  This Easter holidays I had had enough when I caught her sucking her fingers almost 80% of the day.  Our dentist was also not such a fan and so the midnight googling began.  Yes there was the revolting nail varnish stuff that I remembered from my thumb sucking youth but I was a prime example that it never truly worked.  Then I stumbled across the Thumbsie.  Created by a mum, who like me was looking for an alternative solution, she designed a soft cotton glove that covered her daughter’s thumb. When worn consecutively over 3-5 weeks it breaks the habit and voila the days of thumb or finger sucking are behind you.  Although part of me was sceptical I thought it was worth a shot and I am so pleased we did.

I ordered the finger guard version and chose a couple of fabrics that would appeal to Little B (a unicorn one and a purple pony one).  In hindsight I should have ordered 3 as they come home from school filthy, you need a new one for night-time and then I sometimes wasn’t quick enough at washing the school one.  On arrival I would best describe them as a little pillowcase for the 2 fingers that velcros around the wrist.  The accompanying reward sheet was also worth it and once back from school and when I made sure she wasn’t ‘hangry’ I did the grand unveiling.  Little B loved the prints, thought the reward chart was ‘cool’ and was quite delighted to have something her brother didn’t.  Night 1 was a huge novelty and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked on her and saw it was still in place and she had nodded off to sleep.  School thankfully was another triumph as there was much fanfare from her friends about the unicorns although a few people mistook it for a bandage and kept asking her how she had hurt her fingers!

Long and short of it is that 5 weeks later we are in the clear and I am just so happy it was achieved in such a positive and kind solution.

Big literal ‘Thumbs Up’ to Jo for making her finger guards and no doubt Little B will get a high 5 when we next visit Mr Dentist too.

All in the detail:

Thumb and Finger guards, £9.95 each
Come in variety of fun prints – you choose
Bundle options available and measuring guide online too
For more info and to buy click here

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  1. Jo Bates June 19, 2018 at 12:57 pm #

    What a great review – thank you, so pleased to have helped. The unicorn fabrics are by far our most popular, adding their own little bit of magic!! Jo, Thumbsie Ltd

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