Christmas List – The Boys

The Boys

As it was Ladies first last week, now its time for The Boys.  This year in our house it is all about graduating from Duplo to the heady heights of Lego and entering the world of Playmobil.  As both things seem destined to break my hoover and pierce the soles of my feet, I am investing in a play table for Little A’s bedroom.  After lots of research we are plucking for the Melissa & Doug one.  Most importantly it has a lip that runs around the table so you can keep all the teeny tiny bits and pieces up off the floor.  It also has a dual sided top and I have great plans to stick lego plates on one side so you can build straight onto the table.  (Check out YouTube for lots of films on how to do it).  With a bit of room under the table for some storage boxes I am hoping this might be the answer to a tidy bedroom.  Its worth noting it’s pretty large so definitely check your measurements but its currently under £90 on Amazon.

For The Boys:

  1. Every year I like to order one of these personalised rugby shirts.  Little A wears his throughout the year and they are made from lovely, thick 100% cotton.  We opt for the plain white with either red or navy lettering. Simply colours, £19.95
  2. This year Little A is really into games and in a moment of nostalgia we have ordered Screwball Scramble.  Essentially it’s an assault course for a small metal ball and as it is only for 1 player I am hoping it might keep him quiet for enough time to get the Christmas veggies on the go. Another plus point is that for once no batteries are required!
  3. Little A has a thing for crocodiles and especially trying to pretend ‘snap’ at my ankles.  Couldn’t resist getting him Roald Dahl’s The Enormous Crocodile and accompanying hand puppet.  No doubt the Gramps will be chased around the sitting room with this on Christmas Day which will no doubt provide sport for all. About £20 for both on Amazon.
  4. Little A loves to feel like a grown up and one of the big things he is desperate to learn is how to tell the time. What better way to get encourage interest than with a cool new watch. These ones by Anisnap are great as they simply ‘snap’ around the wrist so no tricksome buckles to master. Available at John Lewis, £10
  5. Coming from a family fairly addicted to Land Rovers this remote control mini Defender had to be on the Xmas list.  Easy to manoeuvre and with working headlights this tiny version of a true British classic is going to be a super treat under the tree. Available at Qwerkity, £24.99

Other present ideas worth a mention:

When Daddy is on duty in the morning I will often find the three of them curled up, not watching some Pixar classic but instead some unsuitable sport for toddlers such as bull riding or monster machine showdowns.  Now Little A has seemingly developed a thirst for watching large vehicles jumping tyres and the like he is rather spoilingly being given this plastic fantastic gem by his aunt and uncle.  The Bigfoot Arena Rocker Track Playset promises big things which I hope it will deliver.  You get 11ft of track to assemble in different configurations and you can drive the Big Foot truck on and off the track with different speed modes.  I fear the ‘bigger boy’ in our house will enjoy this too! Smyth Toys, £39.99

Even though he might be growing out of them slightly, Little A loves his Herve Tullet book so much I have bought the sequel Mix It Up to peep out of his stocking.  If you haven’t read these you should, they are very clever engaging books perfect for children aged 2-6.  Won’t ruin the surprises that lie within but it is a great gadget-free book with no lights or music to entertain – you only need to use your imagination. Mix it Up by Herve Tullet, £9.99 on Amazon

For bigger boys/girls check out Immerse Virtual Reality Headsets.  A gadget compatible with most smartphones. Around £2o on Amazon

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Christmas List – The Girls

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.52.10

I normally do my Christmas shopping lists later, but this year in an effort to be organised the plastic is being flexed and presents are beginning to be wrapped.

For the girls:

  1. Pjs make excellent gifts for Godchildren as they are practical, you can have fun choosing them and the parents will be delighted to have a non-toy gift under the tree.  Look no further than The Pyjama House.  Lovely Pjs and Nighties- we like the thick brushed cotton ones.  You can also buy matching parent/child sets so you can be wonderfully cheesy in your own home with no one else to judge! From £20
  2. Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day – this is gift of a book and I have purchased one for one of my Goddaughters.  Set to the backdrop of London and the V & A and with illustrations of classic London shop facades (never too young to introduce them to Liberty!) and full of museum adventures. I hope the mummies/daddies will enjoy reading this one just as much. £10.99 for hardcover
  3. A clever twist on the russian doll these super cute Stacking Animals are as lovely to play with as they are to have on display in their bedrooms. £18.50
  4. At a party the other day and spotted one of Little A’s friends wearing these dazzling beauties.  The perfect party shoes with neon laces and glitter galore what more is there to love.  Marks and Sparks has also delivered a refreshing price tag too.
  5. A friend kindly bought us some of these when they came to stay and they would make fab stocking fillers.  Drop a tablet in the bath and watch as it fizzes around and changes the colour of the bath water.  Most importantly they don’t contain any Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulphates or Parabens and don’t stain the bath or skin either. Try mixing 2 tablets to create different colours.  A winner to jazz up Bathtime. By Mini-U, £1.95 for a pack of 9

Other present ideas worth a mention:

There is a rather charming wooden dolls house by George at Asda for only £30, click here to view.
I have ordered matching bloomers for Little B and her cousins from Pipkin, check out the Vintage pink pair. Click here to view, £20.
Little B is being introduced to the world of Sylvanian families this year (I don’t know who is more excited me or her).  If she is a very good girl then Father C will be delivering this Seaside Cruiser under the tree. Click here to view, £36
It is also worth having a little look back at past posts – Waddler, Dotty Dungarees, Bernie & the Beanpole for lovely gift ideas.

Christmas Lists for The Boys and the Babies will be out next week x

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Nice Knits – Kids’ knitwear label Waddler


So my collar addiction appears to continue and Little B’s latest addition is perhaps the finest in her ever expanding wardrobe.  Soft, cosy and made with baby Alpaca wool what more could you ask for in a jumper this Christmas.  Onesies are available for the little ones and if you are looking for a more masculine look they do wonderful cardigans and pullovers for boys.  Each piece is hand knitted in Bolivia and the Waddler ethos is to give back as much as possible, so you can feel confident that your purchase will also make a difference to those that have made it.

See below for some of my faves…



All in the detail:

All clothing by Waddler
Made from organic Alpaca wool
Little B has the Pierrot Jumper in cream
From £54-64
Click here to view



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Could It Be Magic – Elves and Fairies for your home

Elf on the shelf

So the countdown is on and soon the 1st of December will be here and our little elf ‘Pom Pom’ will be knocking on our door.  Yes its time to order your Elf on the Shelf if you haven’t already.  The Elf on the Shelf format is the perfect tonic to combat toddler tantrums in the month of December.  In a nutshell an elf will ‘appear’ and take up residence in your house reporting on good and bad behaviour to Mr Claus.  On the parental side its your job to move your elf every night so its the first thing the kids look for in the morning.  If you are short on ideas there are plenty out there on the world wide web -see below.

In the spirit of all things magical have you discovered ‘The Magic Door’ yet?  These super cute fairy/elf doors make very sweet Christmas presents.  They arrive with a little bottle of fairy dust and you can get lots of accessories to go with them to make it extra special.  Little B has the pink door and a wonderful red letterbox where we can post little messages to the fairies.
The Magic Door
All in the detail:
Elf on the Shelf, £29.95
Includes Elf Doll and Storybook
Different skin tones available – images above from various blogs online
Click here to buy
(Make sure the Littlies don’t touch the elf or he will lose his power!)
My Fairy Door, £20
Numerous colours
Click here to view
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All Wrapped Up – cool knitwear for kids

B and the B

So we are finally in November and I feel its safe to mention the ‘Christmas’ word now as Halloween vibes have passed and we can truly get excited about the festive times that lie ahead.  Looking at my rather long godchildren/niece/nephew pressie list, this year I am going to make an effort to buy them clothes rather than toys; not sure the kids will thank me but hoping the parents will appreciate a break from plastic tat. With that in mind it is fortuitous timing that I have just discovered a new fab line in children’s knitted accessories.


Aside from one of the best brand names I have ever heard of, Bernie and the Beanpole, delivers beautiully made knitted accessories perfect to keep your Little Ones cosy this winter.  Their gorgeous Pom Pom Hats have supersoft fleecy lining and their mittens are extra long so the cold can’t creep up their sleeves.  Best of all you can buy…leg warmers.  That’s right if you little One is zooming around in leggings or tights this winter you can keep their legs doubly warm with these toasty leg warmers.   With lots of colourways so you can mix and match, and clever gift set combinations all ready to go they make excellent Christmas pressies.

All in the detail:

Children’s knitted accessories all by Bernie and the Beanpole
Unisex and available in sizes 1-10 years
Machine washable
Headbands, £12
Bobble Hat, £18
Leg Warmers £16
Headband & Leg warmer set, £25
Hat & Mitten set, £30
Hat & Scarf set, £32
Hat, Mitten and Scarf set, £46
We have the scarf, hat and leg warmers in Neon Sky!
Click here to view


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Striking the right cord – Kids dungarees

DDI have always felt a bit miffed that you couldn’t readily find OshKosh clothing in the UK. The reason being is that they really did do the best kids dungarees…that was until now. That was before I discovered the dreamy company Dotty Dungarees.

Set up by two mummies who were inspired by their children Dolly and Otto, they design and make just one item of clothing and they do it well. Uniquely designed to fit both boys and girls, they come in a range of colours and are made from super soft needlepoint corduroy.  Every pair is lined with their signature Dotty lining (made from 100% cotton jersey) and they have clever zip access on small sizes (3m-24m) which makes for quick and easy nappy changes.  With adjustable straps and turn-ups you also get a lot of wear out of them too. I also heart the lovely Dungaree Dresses which come with matching Dotty knickers.


Dare I mention the ‘Christmas’ word yet but its worth noting they arrive in beautiful packaging (100% cotton rucksacks) and so would make fab pressies for nieces/nephew/godchildren and a refreshing alternative to toys under the tree.

Little B has the Ochre Yellow dungarees – far right pic.

All in the detail:

All by Dotty Dungarees
Clothes designed for children aged 3m – 5 years
Corduroy Dungarees, £41
They feature:
Adjustable straps and turn-ups for added longevity
All fully lined with super soft cotton jersey
Button loop straps for comfort
Zip access on small sizes
All packaged in super cute cotton rucksacks
Corduroy Dungaree Dress, £37
Free UK Shipping to boot


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These boots are made for walking – toddler boots

Livie & LucaEven with the beautiful Indian Summer weather we have been treated to over the last couple of weeks, this morning definitely had an Autumn vibe to it.  There are piles of leaves waiting to be kicked and with the distinct chill to the air, its time to pack away the canvas Hamptons Classics and don the winter boots.

Thrilled to pick up a pair of Hopper boots again for Little B this year.  She had the ones with the pink laces last year but we went Taupe this time.  Made by fab company Livie & Luca they are super comfortable but also well thought out.  Instead of wrestling with laces they have a handy zip on the size which also keeps the fit nice and snug.  The materials are really supple so they don’t feel too stiff on Little Feet and I love the moccasin style stitching. They do a great offering for boys too – just check the gallery below – their Bailey boots feature elastic laces for easy on and off.

The perfect footwear for the Little Explorers Club run by Fulham Palace – if you are local to SW6 and your Little One is between 2-4 then check it out.

All in the detail:

All Boots by Livie & Luca
Hopper boots, £49.99
Click here to view, available in 5 colours
For sizing; a top tip is to draw around your child’s feet on a piece of paper and then use their size guides for accuracy

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Pillow talk – bespoke nursery pillowcases


Judging by how busy the stork has been delivering bundles of pink and blue to my friends over the last few weeks, I think you can tell it was Christmas and New Year just over 9 months ago.  A whole host of seriously cute and dinky newborns have arrived and as ever I have been trying to find the perfect pressies for them.

Having summered in North Carolina this year, I have developed a serious love of anything with personalised embroidery on it and with this in mind I have found the perfect place to browse – SarahK Designs. Sarah does beautiful nursery pillowcases that you can have personalised with a name, monogram and/or date of birth.  She has loads of designs to choose from, I love the blue dots/red writing combo for the boys and the blue Dragonfly/pink writing for the girls.  You can also get them gift wrapped and delivered direct to recipient which cuts out all the wrapping and posting from home. They make a lovely gift to suit any nursery style.

It is also worth checking out SarahK Designs range of bedlinen.  I find it hard to find nice linen for Little B’s cotbed and she has 6 lovely, classic designs and her duck Baby Quilts have a lovely vintage feel.
All in the detail:
Personalised Baby pillowcases, £35
30cm x 40cm (excluding border)
Hand embroidered 
Machine washable
All by SarahK Designs, click here to view
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The A/W edit – what I’m wearing now

WC waistocoatIts official Autumn is here.  I always think of September as a time of change and it certainly has been a big one these last few weeks as Little A has donned his uniform and trotted off to ‘Big School’.  Gone is my lunch partner of 4 years and instead the house feels eerily quiet whilst Little B is having her lunchtime snooze. It has given me a few extra hours though to embark on the Autumn Clean.  My wardrobe was in serious need of some TLC and it was time to get rid of a lot of ‘I might fit into it one day’ items of clothing.  Something quite cosy about putting away your summer stuff and bringing out the tights, dresses and cardis.  I am sure I will be seriously bored of my winterwear by January but in the meantime I have bought a couple of new pieces that brighten up my day when confronted with miserable British weather.

The White Company have done it again with their AW collection.  I literally feel I could live in their catalogue.  First up is this super wearable black cardigan with leather sleeves.  Perfect to take you from day to night and great for the changeable Autumnal weather when its not quite cold enough for a coat.  My second hero piece is their Boiled Wool Waistcoat – see main pic. A great transitional piece it looks fab paired with a simple jumper and statement necklace. The ultimate layering piece, I will be slinging it over my leather jacket when the weather turns cold.
Leather sleeves
All in the detail:
All clothing by The White Company, click here to view
Leather Sleeve Cardigan in Dark Charcoal Marl, £189
I went a size smaller for fit
Boiled Wool knit Waistoat in black, £149
If items are out of stock online it is definitely worth trying their stores.
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Back to school – scooter storage

scooterTermtime is round the corner and as I am frantically sewing in the Little A’s nametapes (why I have gone old school I don’t know!) my thoughts have turned to how much more ‘kit’ will be cluttering our hallway.  Thankfully there is a little gizmo that might help with some of it.

Scooterpeg does exactly what it says on the tin and provides a handy hook so you can tidy away your kid’s scooter and clear some of the clutter.  Once up and off the ground it also works as a handy little shelf to put their shoes on.  They come in lots of bright colours but killjoy me went for the subtle grey as it works best with our interior.
Designed and made in the UK, its perfect for cluttered London hallways or great to tidy up your garage if you have the space.
All in the detail:
Scooter hook by Scooterpeg, £9.95
Designed and Made in the UK
Range of colours and comes with wall fixings
Name stickers also available 
Click here to view 
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