In full bloom – a look ahead to S/S maternity wear


Happy New Year everyone! I cannot believe we are half way through January already. We had a great Christmas catching up with family and friends, and I was thrilled to hear news from friends who are expecting their own little ones this year.  If you are newly pregnant then you might be already panicking on how best to dress your bump for the year ahead. When I was pregnant with Little A we went to six weddings over the summer and it was a real struggle to find anything special to wear that didn’t look cheap and clingy.  If only Madderson London had been around then.  Their new Spring Summer Lookbook is the perfect escapism to leaf through on a dreary January afternoon and is full of fresh florals and detailed botanical prints, perfect to see you through the British summer season.  However, if procreation is not your agenda anytime soon then take a look at their chic Womenswear collection too.

All in the detail:

All by Madderson London
S/S collection available from 20th February
Click here to view

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Princess and the Pram Christmas Gift Guide

the girls


So you may well be organised and already have your presents wrapped under the tree, but just in case you are in need of some last minute inspiration have a look at my top picks for boys and girls this Christmas.

For the girls:

1. These pretty mouse slippers are perfect for little feet, Funky Feet Fashions, £18.50
2. Tea for four, Melamine pink heart tea set, Emma Bridgewater, £32.95
3. Great for Godchildren pressies, Hatley umbrella, £13
4. Love anything Maileg and a sweet gift to post, Baby Girl Matchbox Mouse, £10.95
5. Little B has this classic pram, Little White Company, £80
6. Perfect for toy storage, Cath Kidston suitcase, £25


For the Boys:

1. This Spaceship was a big success for Little A’s birthday, by Hape, £62.99
2. Smartest Pjs around, by Royal Collection Trust, £14.95
3. Fun first watch with snap strap, Penguin Anisnap Watch, £10
4. Little A is mad about dragons so these Funky Feet slippers are perfect, £18.50
5. Chic toy for chic interiors, Vilac white car ride-on, £95
6. A wheely suitcase just like mummy and daddy, Robot case, £30

Gruesome but good:

If you have a 4yr old with a severe appreciation of toilet humour then these games are gross but worth the giggle:

Doggie Do Do, £17
Gooey Louie, £23
Shark Attack, £9.95


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Pretty Pottery – ramekins, pasta bowls & expresso cups


If you are stuck for ideas for the ladies in your life this Christmas then have a look a my latest discovery, Ibbi and their gorgeous ceramics and textiles.  The two stylish ladies behind the brand, take great care in sourcing unusual and eclectic pieces that look just at home in both traditional and more contemporary settings.  Their pretty ramekins are great for dips this Christmas and are a very easy pressie to take to someone’s house that would certainly outlast flowers or a bottle of wine.  Also love their expresso cups (see main pic) and they sell fab baby playmats too that channel a sweet, boho vibe.

All in the detail:
All ceramics available at Ibbi
Click here to view
Ramekins from £11
Expresso Cup, £24
Most items are dishwasher/microwave safe
Baby playmates, £45

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Sleeping Beauties – gorgeous kids Pyjamas


Pixie Dixie

London is feeling abuzz.  Maybe its the carollers in Peter Jones, the Grotto on Sloane Square and the Albert Bridge all lit up but it’s definitely feeling rather alive.  These PJs by Pixie Dixie are just the ticket to celebrate London’s finest and you can get them adorned with Red buses, Black Cabs and Marching Guards.  Little A will be receiving a Guards set in his stocking and my gorgeous godson is going to look positively edible in the Red Bus piped pair.

All in the detail:

Pyjamas by Pixie Dixie
A British brand, they stock both boys and girls nightwear
All 100% cotton and fairly iron-free
Prices around £29
Sized 1 -10 years
Click here to view

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Festive Fashion – what Little A and Little B will be wearing


Christmas really has taken on a whole new meaning since the littlies came along and with less than a month til the big day I am getting just as excited as they are.  The tree is up, the stockings adorn the fireplace and most importantly Pom Pom, our Elf on the Shelf, has taken up residence and is proving to be very handy indeed.  Whether it will mean Little A has to have years of therapy later as a consequence of having an all-seeing, Father Christmas spy in the house who knows, but for now his little face lights up every morning as he goes on the hunt to find him.

With all this festive feeling in the air, it is only natural that my thoughts have turned to what they will be wearing for The Big Day.  For Little B it is going to be a toss up between this super sweet smocked berry dress by John Lewis or this more traditional tartan number by Trotters.

For Little A, I headed to Pepa & Co for this lovely traditional checked blue and burgundy shirt.  It is really soft, versatile and is going to look great paired with his navy Zara cords and a chunky knit.  Pepa & Co do a lovely thick burgundy sweater that would also work well for the Big Day and beyond.

Now I just have to find a frock appropriate enough for Church, Lego building and champagne sipping.

All in the detail:

1. Berry Print Smock Dress, by John Lewis, £30
They also do a sweet red cardigan to complete look
2. Baby Arabella Dress, by Trotters, £39.99
I would team this with the Milo long-sleeved Body and their navy cardigan
3. Traditional check shirt, by Pepa & Co, £35
4. Boy’s knitted sweater, by Pepa & Co £48.00
For Pepa & Co it is worth giving them a call as they are super helpful on sizing advice/stock availability.

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Wheely good fun – bikes for toddlers


Christmas is coming early in our house and my present is arriving next weekend and her name is Vita.  Her coat may be glossy and her saddle comfy, but sadly due to the confines of our London garden we will be stabling a shiny new bike rather than steed. Yes we are about to become the ‘family that bike’.  Mr N’s new wheels were picked up yesterday and Little B’s Hamax seat has been installed and so we will soon be ready to explore the city’s cycle paths with hopefully a few stops for Hot Chocolate along the way. This new found love of getting out and about is all down to Little A passing one of life’s milestones – being able to ride a bike all on his own. Whilst I would like to credit this feat with my amazing parenting skills it is in fact all down to his balance bike.

Father Christmas delivered one last year and 11 months later he has transitioned onto his first proper ‘big boy’ bike (courtesy of a cousin hand-me-down). With not a stabilizer in sight, he is now doing laps of the local park whilst giving me numerous heart attacks on the journey there as he bounces from one lamppost to the next. Forget scooting, walking behind your nearly 4 yr old cycling unaided is another terrifying part of parenthood. Only now though can I really appreciate quite how fabulous a balance bike is and if you are contemplating stabilizers vs. a balance bike then I would definitely opt for the latter. A year spent balancing his way to nursery on his, has meant the transition to learning how to peddle a real bike a simple and intuitive one. Now I just have to dust off my cycling skills in time for Vita to arrive.

All in the detail:

Our balance bike was a red Strider Balance bike
£85 from GLTC, click here to view
Little A is now riding around on a blue Ridgeback bike inherited from his
lovely cousins

It is obviously cheaper to attach stabilisers to a bike but definitely worth looking in charity shops or asking to borrow a balance bike as you only use them for about 18 months but it really does make the transition so much easier.
Don’t forget the helmet – Little A wears a punchy Union Jack one from Kiddimoto
Father C is kindly delivering me a Specialized Vita step-through bike

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Classic collars – the Milo bodysuit

Its time to sing the praises of the unsung hero in Little B’s wardrobe; the collared bodysuit.  The ultimate staple in any baby’s capsule wardrobe, a fresh white collar peeping out from under a dress or jumper really ups an outfit.  Reportedly favoured by Prince G, the Milo bodysuit by Trotters in my opinion really is the best.  It is super soft and has a piped Peter Pan collar, and as you can see from above looks great on the boys aswell as the girls.  As Little B is a little on the young side to fully appreciate Christmas this year, I will certainly be putting a couple of these in her stocking for the year ahead.

All in the detail:

Milo bodysuit, by Trotters
Click here to buy or available instore
Sizes from 3 months – 24 months
From £14.99
Available in short sleeves, navy piping or plain

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Appsolutely Fabulous – great apps for kids

So last weekend was one I would rather like to forget. On Friday afternoon Little A took a seemingly innocent trip in the kitchen which resulted in him biting his tongue and an astonishing amount of blood poured onto the floor. But like anything Little A does he had indeed put 100% into it, and on a closer rather gruesome inspection I soon realised that he had in fact bitten the end of his tongue into two. Now splitting one’s tongue serpent-like might appeal to a small percentage of the boundary-pushing body modification crowd, but it was obvious that poor Little A needed a trip to A & E and fast. To cut a long story short he did need a general anaesthetic in order to stitch it back together and that meant an overnight stay in hospital.

Once over the initial shock of his accident, trying to keep an energetic three year old entertained on a hospital bed is fairly tricksome.  Thankfully the iPad was dutifully delivered and I downloaded a couple of new apps that certainly proved a hit.  The most popular were made by Toca Boca and the puzzles and brain teasers proved to be fun and extremely intuitive for Little A to use. Aimed for the 2-6yr old market, the apps were brilliant for filling in the endless hours pre-op.  We downloaded Toca Pet Doctor and rather aptly Toca Doctor. Each app depicts a series of puzzles and mini games with cute graphics and fun sounds. Toca Pet Doctor lets you cure a host of cute and cuddly animals in need of some treatment whilst Toca Doctor lets you become a doctor for the day.  Take a look.

All in the detail:
Both available at the App Store or Kindle Fire
Approx £1.99
We have since downloaded Toca Kitchen Monsters and Toca Train
You can view videos of the apps here



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Art Attack – stylish frames for children’s art

Every Friday Little A comes home from nursery with his rucksack stuffed to the brim with lovely artwork.  Recent masterpieces have included a rocket replete with tissue-paper flames, a potato-stamped cat and a dried pasta abstract wonder.  If you are in a similar boat and rather overwhelmed with your Little One’s creative gems then have a look at these genius frames that will have your walls looking streamlined in no time.

My mum bought one for us last Christmas and every week Little A chooses his two favourite pieces to go on show in our ‘Gallery’.  With handy holes on the back so you can hang it portrait or landscape, you simply slip the artwork in the side.  It banishes the need for blu-tac and will certainly declutter your fridge door and as there is no glass front it works equally well framing 3D creations too.  One to put on your own list for Father Christmas.


All in the detail:

Children’s Art File and Frames available at Handpicked Collection
Click here to view
Single A4 starts at £14.95
Double A4, £19.95 (we have this one)
Triple A4, £24.95

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Lunch on the go – stylish lunch boxes for kids

A couple of weekends ago Little A had his first experience of car sickness.  Unfortunately for me I was rather ill prepared.  As his little face proceeded to become greyer and greyer I began to desperately search the car for an appropriate vestibule for him to be sick into. Sadly for his Tractor Ted lunchbox that was it.  After we then promptly forgot about said lunchbox in the car overnight (gross) it was deemed beyond salvation and into the bin it sadly went. The one upside however, was that the hunt was on for a new lunchbox, one to stand out from the crowd that collected at nursery and one that had enough space for Little A’s usual lunch bits and bobs.

Pink Lining came to the rescue. Little A’s new Dinosaur appliquéd lunchbox is just the ticket.  It has an insulated wipe clean lining, and piece of elastic to keep your water bottle in place and a handy mesh pocket to keep things separate. At only £15 they make great Christmas pressies for Little Ones and there are lots of designs to choose from.  I love the Unicorn or the Ladybird for the girls and it was tough to choose between the Dinosaur and Knight one for the boys. Also worth checking out their matching rucksacks, overnight bags and wheelie cases.

All in the detail:

Lunchboxes by Pink Lining
Click here to view

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